Find Your Fire Within!

Is your life full of "shoulds", demands, and constraints that are keeping you from a life you actually love?

Or, do you just plain want more out of life?

Register for this paradigm-shifting, life-altering workshop NOW - guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get you excited for what life has in store!

In just 90 minutes, you will learn how to:

  • ​​​Tap into what is authentically you and light up your true passion - physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially!
  • IMMEDIATELY eliminate the "shoulds" in your life to make room for what you want more of -- in your relationships, career and experience of life!
  • Take the next step NOW in a way that doesn't feel like "one more thing to do" - enjoying the ride of the life you love waking up to!

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

11:00 am - 12:30 pm PT (Los Angeles time)


What would life be like if:

  • Your soul were on FIRE
  • You could focus on exactly what matters to you
  • You knew exactly what you wanted in life
  • You knew exactly what step to take next
  • Your life were in flow
  • You woke up every morning smiling, looking forward to the day ahead

Don't let another day go by that you will never get back.... Start living the life you’re meant to live by registering NOW!

In just 90 minutes, this workshop will help you set the foundation from which you can build the life you truly love waking up to IMMEDIATELY!

The best part? It's so simple that it will blow your mind!

Have you ever...

..gone to those seminars where you get all excited, and you're ready to change your life, then you go back to your day-to-day...and that spark fizzles out as life starts to take over again?

Why is that????

Because, up until now, you haven't had the tools to make change happen in your life...and stick!!!

It comes down to getting your fire burning, lighting that spark again, and - the most important part - having the tools to make sure that that spark stays aflame!

...that's where Find Your Fire Within comes in!

Find Your Fire Within applies proven tools and techniques that organizations pay millions of dollars for to make change in their operations. And, all of these tools are going to be used to help you to make change in your life.

After working as a consultant specializing in project management, process improvement and change management for more than 20 years, helping some of the largest organizations on the planet make change, Stacy McAlpine (creator and host of Find Your Fire Within) realized it was these proven organizational tools and techniques that have been missing from the personal development field. That, if people who are yearning for change in their personal lives had them, would be a game changer!

Change doesn't have to be hard!

Sometimes change can feel like a "should" - we "should" do this, we "should" do that....

We judge ourselves for not taking action and stop settling....

We "have to" do something different....

At Find Your Fire Within, you will learn how to take the "shoulds" out of your life. To tap into what is authentically you and bring out your true purpose in life. That's when it no longer feels like work and becomes a joy to improve our lives. It becomes an exciting journey and you are able to enjoy the ride as you are living a life you love waking up to along the way!




"I specialize in implementing change - in empowering others to APPLY and USE proven methods that activate desired change - so people not only learn what works, but also successfully embed it in their day-to-day to benefit from it!"

Stacy McAlpine, the Founder and CEO of Journey Fuel, is an accomplished, passionate, driven Life Transformation Specialist dedicated to empowering people to create lives they genuinely love waking up to -- and enjoy the ride along the way!

With more than two decades of experience as a Strategic Advisor, Project Manager, and Change Management Consultant with top tier consulting firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst and Young, Stacy helped some of the largest organizations on the planet turn their aspirations into reality.

Along the way, Stacy's personal quest for fulfillment led her to innovate the tools and techniques she used with her corporate clients to get results to achieve desired change in her own personal life, creating a proven and reliable system that empowers individuals to achieve their own life change!

Recognizing the profound impact her formula could have on millions of individuals worldwide, Stacy founded Journey Fuel to share this integrated approach to getting results that blends proven strategic planning and change practices with self-development principles, infused with a journey theme to add excitement and playfulness to the process.

Journey Fuel has transformed the traditional personal development process into a rewarding and exciting adventure that infuses every day with fulfillment, joy, and results.

With each life transformed, Stacy creates a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond individual journeys. As your trusted guide, she is dedicated to supporting and empowering you every step of the way, and loves every minute of it!

Why do you NOT want to miss this?

See What People Are Saying:

Chris Howard,

Best Selling Author,

Lifestyle and Turnaround Coach

"Stacy cut her teeth consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, in multi-million dollar deals, helping some of the biggest organizations on the planet to turn their visions and intentions into realities and results.

That incredible background makes her exceptionally capable and light years ahead of most performance consultants and “coaches” when it comes to helping YOU create the real breakthrough results you’re looking for.

I’ve worked with Stacy personally on multiple projects. She can absolutely provide you with the mindset and tools that can help you start living your dreams today! "


Anne Carbone,

Psychospiritual Therapist

“You will be amazed at how much you can get out of Stacy's teaching and guidance and wisdom and just overall love for people and really wanting people to be the best they can and love their lives.

The system that she designed that has to do with all the tasks in life and project management gave us invaluable information about how to really look at the way that we manage our time, our schedule, our to do lists (we like to call it a playlist now 😊), and really integrate that with our values to have a very cohesive, balanced way of living and really achieve and accomplish what

we want."


Evette Murphy,


“I love working with Stacy! She is not only fun and upbeat, but also has the uncanny ability to laser focus right to the core of the next best action for progress. She provides accountability, which is a game changer! It is so obvious that Stacy has seen it all, and helped so many people through so many different situations, even me! SO entertaining

and effective!"


So what are you waiting for????

Stop enduring life, and start living it! Register NOW! The life you love is waiting for you!